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June 6, 2018

Change Insights


Change Management, a thriving consulting trend throughout the past years. We never liked this quote, isn’t it an opposition in itself? Managing means setting rules, standards and barriers. Change means redesigning and overthinking rules, standards and barriers. So technically Change management is the try to square a circle – impossible. And we agree – yes – if you see it from the perspective of old business management tradition. But let’s keep one thing in mind: Our whole society and economy is what it is today, based on seamless development and change. In conclusion – one of the biggest challenges in business management is, not to implement change projects, but to be change. What the new economy calls agile project management or SCRUM management is what we call – smart business.

But how can we be agile, dynamic and quick and well organized, structured and monitored at the same time? Honestly speaking, we don’t have a general answer to that question. But we do have a few tools, that we use in every project, that we guide.

We think, that the most impactful action the be constantly innovative and to stay relevant is to create space for creativity. In every step of a project, we shape space for the team members, to overthink or rethink process steps, solutions and results and we empower all participating people to be brace enough, to change the direction of a project by keeping the overall target of it.This leads into a brand culture of open feedback & the ability to fail, in order to proof the ability of change.

By having change in the DNA of your company, you avoid cost expensive change management projects, although they are sometimes helpful for an initial start into a new direction. Be agile and innovative, with the help of external guides and a holistic approach.

You need help being the leader in change or you want more information about that topic? Please feel free to contact us at any time via booking@fluxxlive.com.

Post’s Author

FLUXX Team - Moritz Grabosch
Moritz Grabosch - Founder

Moritz is a certified music producer with the passion to inspire and move people. It benefits him that he has performed as an entertainer in over 500 appearances on stages throughout Europe.

As an ambassador for brands such as BMW, MINI & Leica, he is deeply immersed in the world of lifestyle brands and loves to live their lifestyle and to convey it to other people. Moritz is a communicator in German & English and also thinks of music as one of his preferred languages. As a trainer and consultant, he creates a unique way to speak the language of his customers and to adapt quickly to different groups of people and cultures.

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