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November 18, 2018

Electrifying India – The Future of Car Rickshaws

Fluxx Live - Driver in India


Are 250 charging stations the first step into a new age of mobility in India? Is a market share of 0.1 % of electric cars in vehicle sales an indication for a collective social and industrial rethink in India?

Well, what do you think if you hear these numbers? Probably, you have the same first thoughts like me, when I visited the city of Kochi in order to discuss the electrification of the country together with the branch representatives. Do these numbers commensurate the ambitious objective to replace most of the existing petrol-powered vehicles with electric mobility by the year 2032? And how about the awareness among Indias population concerning that indispensable change in mobility? Is there an understanding of the problem of the enormous air pollution and the dependence on oil imports (India is the 3rd largest oil importer in the world)?

We are frequently looking for answers on how we make consumers more aware of their situation and thereby arouse their interest – as a basis for the willingness to understand a sustainable change towards mobility of the future.

Of course there is most of the path still ahead until India (which registered 44 times more cars in 2017 than back in 1980) will have completely arrived in the world of electric mobility. We are more than excited to go that interesting and innovative path step by step together with that beautiful and vibrant country. India and its inhabitants have the potential to become a great example for many other countries around the globe.

Watch Felix live from Kotchi (India) in the Video below to get more detailed insights. Share your thoughts with us and use #fluxxindia.


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Post’s Author

Felix Müller - Founder

The qualified law student Felix is a passionate communicator. In his work as a trainer and consultant for brand communication and brand development, he has managed to combine his passion for travel with an enthusiasm for luxury and premium brands.

As an innovator and developer of state-of-the-art communication concepts, he has been intensively involved with automotive brands such as Maserati, BMW & MINI. Felix loves talking to people in German, English and French and breaks down many barriers, even if you have to communicate with each other without any language.

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