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June 7, 2018

The Fluxx Goals – Ready for Departure?


Boarding completed? Every single passenger and every crew member on board? Do they feel good and secure and are they ready for today’s flight to…to…does anybody know? Where does that journey lead to? Maybe a very important business trip, an adventure trip to a far away country or a trip to family members? Have you ever asked yourself for what reason all the other passengers are traveling with you on that flight today and why they have chosen that specific flight and airline? There are many different reasons but it is clear that something led them to do so. The same applies to your customers and employees. Why should they choose exactly your company or brand and product? Let’s apply the laws of aviation to your business! What distinguishes your airline from others? Is it maybe your staff and a good service – like the crew members? Or is it maybe the quality of your products – like having more leg room than other airlines or an aircraft fleet that is more up-to-date?

The worldwide aviation market is a highly competitive market and airlines have to adapt to the social changes faster than ever before. Therefore even the most established and successful companies have to have a certain farsightedness in order to avoid a sudden „grounding“ and cancellation of their „flights“ due to commercial reasons. Of course, there might occur some bad weathers including turbulences which results in some detours for your business in order to achieve the goals – but don’t bounce back – be conscious of the sun is always shining above the clouds and on you – as a pilot – being responsible for your passengers, your crew and yourself. But in order to take the right runway, to choose and to stay on the right course and to reach your destination safely, the support of the ground- control and air traffic control is essential. A clear and precise type of communication, focussing on your flight and always keeping an eye on the other airplane’s course and cruising altitude are the required skills of the responsible persons at air traffic control. Did you ever contact the Fluxx Live air traffic and ground control during your flight? We guarantee a safe airspace, we lead your airplane to the right runway, we help you to stay on the right course and to reach your destination safe and on time. The nice thing about it is that your passengers will automatically – and with great pleasure – choose your flight for their next trip again.

But be assured that we will never forget about you being the pilot and you having final control and responsibility for your airplane. But does Fluxx Live actually speak your language? Are we the adequate partner for that important task and are we sufficiently experienced to make you feel in safe hands? Until today, Fluxx Live handled over 500 flights and has 40 years of business experience together with a board consisting of three firm characters and a strong team tells its own tale. So far, Fluxx Live successfully met all challenges – from Alpha to Zulu – and gave descending companies a sustainable and continuous climbing rate again. But what would a company be without it’s cabin crew – the direct point of contact to all of your passengers? Just imagine how it feels to enter an airplane and there is nobody who welcomes you with a sincere smile, how it feels to prepare your meal in the galley kitchen on your own, how it feels to be on your own in case of an emergency landing or baggage loss. I am sure that it would be your last flight with that airline. Whether flying business class or economy class, short haul or long haul – your passengers always expect a special and unique experience only your airline can offer. Making your employees ambassadors and fans of your company is the formula for success to have excited and loyal passengers – your clients! By the way: This is also an area of expertise of the Fluxx Live air traffic control.

What is your extraordinary (flight-) experience as a pilot, passenger or member of the crew? Have you always been on the right course, have you always been loyal to one „airline“ and can you identify yourself with the brand image of a specific brand? Are you ready for departure?

You are warmly invited to chose the correct radio frequency and to contact us directly in order to share your experiences – or visit us at our control tower in the heart of Munich. We are looking forward to your visit! Always happy landings and safe flights! Your Fluxx Live team!

Post’s Author

Felix Müller - Founder

The qualified law student Felix is a passionate communicator. In his work as a trainer and consultant for brand communication and brand development, he has managed to combine his passion for travel with an enthusiasm for luxury and premium brands.

As an innovator and developer of state-of-the-art communication concepts, he has been intensively involved with automotive brands such as Maserati, BMW & MINI. Felix loves talking to people in German, English and French and breaks down many barriers, even if you have to communicate with each other without any language.

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