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What we do

Already in 1616, Galileo Galilei had to realize the challenge to convince other people of his thoughts and ideas. Firing up the time machine and traveling back to the present, we find that nothing has changed in the challenge since the realization that the earth revolves around the sun. Maybe Galileo would have been more convincing with a competent communication team and we would already be a few steps ahead today. In order to learn from history, we look after you in an advisory and engaging way in your communication enabling you to better reach and retain employees and customers with your products, services and brands.

Product Experience

Products need to be experienced to create enthusiasm, both by your customer and your employee. We write the matching story and help you to transfer it into the world.

Fluxx Live - Employee Branding
Employee Branding

Joy and enthusiasm are the basics for a successful employees. A livable identification with your brand makes the difference. A matching internal communication also plays an important role in ensuring satisfaction.

Brand Experience

A strong brand must be lived, both by the brand representatives and the customers. Creating this experience while ensuring a deep bond with the brand is one of our core tasks.

Brand Communication

How is a brand perceived, what makes it strong? Why do certain brands touch you while others don`t? We will get to the bottom of this question together with you.

The Makers

The three founders, H.P. Lämmle, Moritz Grabosch and Felix Müller have gone back into the start-up world to provide a platform for innovative ideas and forward thinking concepts. They benefit from their past working experience in different industries as an entrepreneur as well as consultants. The urge to discover and create something new and to work continuously on a positive development of both staff and structures, is the passion of Fluxx Live. At the same time, it is imperative to engage in the holistic view and interdisciplinary cooperation of Marketing, Sales & Aftersales in order to create a unified language.

“Where passion meets business know how, unimagined forces emerge which go far beyond the potential of the individual disciplines.“

Our Strength

Our passion lies in the international orientation of all projects. The scaling of local projects to a global stage is considered in every concept. It is then implemented within the limits of the possible, either in an intimate circle or within an international rollout. Our actors put great emphasis on the respectful treatment of different cultures and their value systems. At the same time, Fluxx Live stands for the innovative and pioneering orientation of the business location Germany.

Our Goal

“With the Fluxx philosophy, communication becomes an indispensable pillar of successful sales by promoting a vibrant corporate culture with a global, sustainable perspective.”


We give your company a vivid face.


We cultivate you for sales in the 21st century.


We prepare you and your team for a prosperous future.

Our Topics
Fluxx - Cultural Diversity
Cultural Diversity

All the people in this world share one thing: their home. We all live on a planet where a lot is interconnected, even if not visible at first glance. Internationally operating companies and brands have exactly that mission – to combine different cultures. It is a big task to work beyond cultural boundaries, to connect people with different value systems and to speak in a consistent and comprehensible language. With great sensitivity one finds the common denominator, which is by no means the smallest. Because we all are often connected more than we realize, brands, companies and their products can and must be the connecting element.


The world, our society and economy are subjects to constant change. Recognizing and accepting this is just the first step. Understanding trends and megatrends, their common roots and consequences, is an important resource to keep moving into the right direction. The most complex step, however, is to initiate change itself and to set the direction for change in general. A realistic view of the circumstances is indispensable to achieve the target. Agile project management makes this vision reality.


The world is becoming smaller. We travel fast, flexible & individual. And yet, the  customers needs are constantly changing, which affects a constant change in mobility concepts. The mobile world is strongly influenced by megatrends such as big data, increasing environmental awareness or the IT revolution. We face this change day by day without neglecting the long tradition of the industry.

Fluxx - Luxury

What defines luxury? From our perspective, it is the intimate attention to detail to make a product the best of its kind. The artistic claim to create something unique provides another indispensable aspect on the way to luxury products & services. The product is only as good as its appearance. Like no other industry, it lives through an authentic representation of the brand ambassadors who always surprise your customers with the unexpected, because that is the magic of a luxury brand.

New Media

The media landscape is constantly being recreated. The channels through which we communicate with our customers and colleagues are constantly renewed. Every new medium sets standards and determines the way we place our message. Also, the perception of certain generations is changing rapidly, which requires us to continuously re-evaluate and process our message and its packaging. This challenge leads to the condition that we must renew our behavior in the media landscape, to not perish in the unconditional.

Our Network
Our Philosophy

We love to communicate and to interact. That´s why our actions are highly defined by interacting with diverse target groups within the project, putting our hands on the urgent tasks due, rolling up our sleeves and using a diverse media mix, to maximize the attention of our target.

Fluxx - Methodology Thoughts

In the planing and concept of you projects, we want to empower the intrinsic motivation of your team members, directing the focus on the big picture. When it comes to the operational part, we love to be pragmatic, doing the obvious steps first and keeping things simple.

Contact us
Fluxx Hubs - Munich Zurich

We are frequently available in one of our hubs, or at our steady home in Munich.

  Headquarters Munich:
Leoprechtingstrasse 41
81739 München


+49 151 2705 9357

Fluxx Hubs - Miami Dubai

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Produkte müssen erlebt werden, damit Sie Begeisterung erzeugen können, sowohl beim Kunden als auch beim Mitarbeiter. Wir gestalten die passende Story und helfen Ihnen, diese auch in die Welt zu tragen.

„Und sie dreht sich doch!“

Schon 1616 musste Galileo Galilei die Herausforderung erkennen, andere Menschen von seinen Gedanken und Ideen zu überzeugen. Werfen wir die Zeitmaschine an und reisen zurück in die Gegenwart stellen wir fest, dass sich an dieser Herausforderung seit der Erkenntnis, die Erde drehe sich um die Sonne, nichts geändert hat. Vielleicht wäre Galileo mit einem kompetenten Kommunikationsteam überzeugender gewesen und wir wären heute schon einige Schritte weiter.


Um aus der Geschichte zu lernen, betreuen wir Sie beratend und vorlebend in ihrer Kommunikation, damit Sie Mitarbeiter & Kunden mit ihren Produkten, Dienstleistungen & Marken noch besser erreichen und binden.